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Not the type of name that you’d associate with mental health courses, but then we’re not your average training company…….   BDLD are Kevin Moore & Bob Kitchin - friends, former rivals and damn good trainers. Between us, we have nearly 60 years of mental health rehabilitation work and lived experience of mental health disorders. And what we’ve experienced, we put into practice in our courses. Courses that have reached an audience of over 3,000 learners since we kicked off this journey in 2017. Whether we’re delivering in person or remotely, all of our courses are designed to ensure that you know and can do things differently. After all, what’s the point in learning if it doesn’t lead to change?   And in this post-lockdown world, we like to think that we “get” what it’s like to sit, staring at a screen all day. That’s why we use techniques such as accelerated learning, mini-breaks and Wooclap to make our remote delivery engaging, fun and long-lasting.
BDLD CIC | First Floor | 85 Great Portland Street | London W1W 7LT | Registered Company Number 11120713 

Popular Courses

Mental Health First Aid 2 days or 4 halves. Delivery by either trainer. Face-to-face or remote. Mental Health First Aid Refresher Half-day. Delivery by either trainer. Face-to-face or remote. Intro to Motivational Interviewing  One day. Led by the Little Dog. Face-to-face or remote. STEPS Suicide Reduction 1 or 2 days. Delivery by either trainer. Face-to-face or remote. Accredited or unaccredited. The Art of Disclosure One day or two halves. Led by the Big Dog. Face-to-face or remote.
Our “E 3 ” learning means our courses are: Effective - they make a difference. Energetic - we use dynamic learning techniques. Enjoyable - learning is memorable - even when covering the most serious of subjects.
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